“Artists enrich the world by creating NEW FORMS and DISTINCTIVE positions, developing an inventive aesthetic repertoire, mixing knowledge, craft and imagination by conscious and intuitive methods. This is mostly done by reducing the perceivable world to a certain number of elements and UNIFYING these in a work of art. Most interesting artworks develop an internal tension, a unity and a unique form, undermining established symbols and traditional ways of perceiving and understanding.


This approach brings consciousness into society on a level, that doesn’t simplify our view into intellectual, aesthetic OR emotional terms; the arts reach into the FULL HUMAN POTENTIAL by triggering the whole spectrum.

Most stunning works of art allow us to perceive them on different levels; they are UNFAMILIAR to our eyes, INSPIRING to our hearts, CHALLENGING to our minds and RELEVANT to the world, our time and our culture. The more you are able to embrace an artwork on these complementing levels; aesthetically, emotionally and rationally, the more interesting it gets and the more its relevance will endure over time, when its freshness wears off.”

—Alec Crichton

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