Eine Produktion des MichaelDouglas Kollektivs in Koproduktion mit Özlem Alkis und Jared Gradinger.

Marcel Odenbach

PARASYMPATHIKUS, eine Begegnung  im öffentlichen Raum.

The Academy of the Arts of the World organizes the Pluriversale every year. 

Nature Theater of Oklahoma invites the audience to join in the making of a retro-science fiction film.

materials II @ Bruch & Dallas

The Eremozoic age is an era of solitude in a biologically impoverished world, ripped from its natural diversity.

La Paloma is part of a two channel installation dealing with the alienation of species from their natural origin, a portrait of doves in two European cities.

Gras is an attempt to illustrate nature as an aesthetic realm for contemplation.

Inspired by the question what white things are made of, I take a walk through the German countryside


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